Hello friends!! welcome to my page as its very important to take care of our health we should be aware of all the new advancements in healthcare field weather about the new surgeries or treatments or medicines or new machines used in healthcare orgnaisation. In this page I will also post some beauty tips that can be done at home easily which i have also tried and got really superb results. This is not to offend any beauty treatments but if you can look more beautiful by spending no money how wonderful that would be !!

Also new advancements in medical field are important to know for better treatments . There are more new substitutes , the person can choose accordingly also it depends upon the treatments and physician advice given . Also there are many treatments which did not had any cure but after deep reasearch later on the cure was found . Many people are not completely aware about the cure and the machine used . It would be great if you look at the posts to udate your knowledge on new advancements.

In my posts i would be more talking about facts rather than my own knowledge i would prefer giving my opinions in the end . And posts related to beauty tips are experimented and safe so anyone can follow those tips and get benefit .

Knowing about new technologies is always beneficial in healthcare . I am myself working in an hospital and have seen treatments which were painful before and are painless now due to advancement . Also have learnt certai invasive surgieries are now non- invasive .

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